Monday, May 11, 2009

Two great men...Frank Bartles & Ed Jaymes

In 1985, Ernest Gallo introduced the world to his famous wine coolers. He was a marketing genius, creating the characters of Frank Bartles and Ed Jaymes to promote his trendy drinks. Ok, so maybe I had no idea who these guys were in the 80s or even what a wine cooler was but now they are my dirty little silly secret. The only reference I knew was from the 1993 Pauly Shore movie "Son in Law" when Pauly sees his girlfriend's grandpa rocking on the front porch. Everything I learned, I learned from Pauly Shore movies. Scary, I know. I made fun of girls that drank Zima and all that other crap when we were in high school and college. Now, I secretly buy wine coolers when no one is around. They are so delicious! Who knew?

"And thank you for your support..."