Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank the Heavens for John Jameson!

Today is an Irish Whiskey day! Why? Because it is. I am so lucky to have Irish blood in my veins and a (drinking) song in my heart. One of my favorite drinks is the lovely Jameson Irish Whiskey. It has been produced for over 220 years and a glass of Jameson is consumed every second in Dublin alone. It works out to be about 20 glasses every second around the world! Even the Heavens above love their whiskey since the equivalent of about 6,000 bottles of Jameson evaporates from the casks at the distillery every day. This is known as "the angels' share." So get over your college car bomb days and learn to enjoy what else Jameson has to offer! It's incredibly smooth and can be served on the rocks, neat, with ginger ale or coke. I love a good Jameson and Ginger. Let's drink to our Irish heritage during this long weekend of Thanksgiving! "Slainte!" (For your non-Irish folks that's the Irish 'cheers' pronounced 'slawn-cha.') Now in true Irish tradition, go out and get drunk! "Slainte!!!"

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Stephanie said...

You forgot to mention how warm Jameson will keep you on a very cold, rainy camping trip!